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Sonntag, März 18, 2007

Parking Lots for the Unexpected

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“The Sphere is a legend,” a mythical artifact located in the Zone (…) a golden sphere that grants human wishes.” “Any wishes?” “According to the canonic version of the legend, any wish. There are, however, variant versions.” (…)
from: “Piknik na obochine” (Roadside Picnic), Arkadij & Boris Strugacky

Montag, Februar 5, 2007

Radar Love

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Two days after hurricane Kyrill I visited the Schoeppingen Hill to check damage, the storm might has left in and around the former Nike Missile Base. Halfway between Schoeppingen and the Base, I usually pass the related Radar Park, which is connected through a narrow road in a straight line north-south with the launch facility.

An unusual silence and tomblike atmosphere surrounds the Radar Control Area with its decayed buildings, strikingly vacant – but well protected through observation cams, barbed wire fences and an iron gate.


Nobody in town – not even Mr. Dillmann – could explain me the paradoxical function – or better to say dis-function of this part of the facility. Sometimes I had the feeling, they still try to keep a “secret”, nobody wants to talk about.

Passing the Radar this Sunday evening, things appeared very different. Uproaring chainsaw sounds were coming out of the facility – and from a distance I could make out the shapes of lumberjacks, cutting branches and trees, the storm seemingly has cracked. Watching this through the bars of the entrance, I suddenly could realise that the gate was ajar. Being so close to the end of my stay in Schoeppingen, I instantly grabbed the unique opportunity, opened the gate and entered the station. Being prepared to get kicked at any moment, I moved patiently but fast through the facility – trying to document as much as possible with my camera in the remaining time.




Because of the wood workers’ noisy job, luckily the alarm was set off – and nobody noticed me. Such roaming through the facility with its peculiar tools, forfeited buildings and moss overgrown stone stairways I soon felt like joining a “live re-make” of the legendary Myst computer game.


Accompanied by a John-Cage-like chainsaw concert, I was watching the sunset from top of the facility rampart … wondering, where all the signals of the former radar have disappeared, how far can they travel in space – and, if they might have been received or reflected somewhere lightyears from earth.


Could it be possible that the previously described “2005 Snow Disaster was consciously evoked and directed by ratiocinated signals through extraterrestrial intelligence – emulation the radar device’s only task to rotate and to scan the horizon for incoming enemy aircraft? TRACKING. TARGET. DESTROY. Or can we expect from such “intelligence” something more sophisticated, for instance if we envision a radar based communication culture which has followed the waves’ radiant to the sender? Maybe the rotating snow clouds were just an inverted 3D-projection of their possibilities and emotions expressed on a small spot in front of the Radar Base, forming a kiss symbolising “O”, which pulsating LOVEWAVES shattered the sky over Muensterland.

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Donnerstag, Januar 25, 2007

The Search for the Mysterious “V”

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Seems the Odyssey gradually reaches its end. Two days ago, I could discover first traces of the “legend shrouded” V2 in Muensterland. I was excited to get in touch with Mr. Schaten, who lives nearby Schoeppingen in a small city called Heek. Mr. Schaten guided me to the remains of a concrete launching platform, which has been left in a small forest called “Oer’scher Wald”.

img_0025_schwefelkopf_sc.jpg It was a cold, but very clear winter morning, good to walk the normally muddy ground. The whole area is still carved with old trenches and ditches – on some rotting trunks frozen sulfur tufts (Hypholoma fasciculare) were gathering. It looked as if the mushrooms have absorbed the sulfur fall-out from the launching rockets. I also could find several bigger pits in the forest soil which apparently stem from removed platforms – or from crashed V2-rockets. (V2-crashes are reported from several eye witnesses in Western Muensterland)

In some previous postings I have already mention the peculiar history about the V2 in this area, which launching platforms draw a huge bow from south to west around the Schoeppingen Hill. (some details and related links about the “nazi wonder weapon” and its impact on the “Space Race” you can find further below at the “The Sputnik of Havixbeck” posting.


If you are interested in such topics, I highly recommend two books: “V” and “Gravity’s Rainbow” by Thomas Pynchon. “V” is the title of Pynchon’s first novel, which is concerning the quest of an aging traveller named Herbert Stencil to identify and locate the mysterious entity he knows only as “V.” – The major portion of “Gravity’s Rainbow” takes place in the final months of the Second World War in Europe. One of the most spectacular moments in the book is “Slothrop’s “rocket-dowsing” penis anticipates the “Blitz bomb” hits on London with a precision that confounds statistical probability.” Also in the best-selling 2003 novel “The da Vinci Code” of Dan Brown – and the related film (2006), the symbolic and mystery of “V” plays a crucial part.

If you intend to visit this area sometime, here are the coordinates of the V2-platform in the “Oer’scher Wald” (Oer’scher Forest): N52°7’30” E7°5’32”(no guarantee can be given about the correctness of the results)
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Sonntag, Januar 21, 2007

No-dong N40°51’17” E129°39’58”

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“Lost Places” are abandoned areas or buildings – I prefer to call them ‘zones’- which have forfeited their original importance or significance and are left to decay. But I wonder how to define such sites, if they are more or less empty or out of order, or if they are still working in a kind of symbolic mode. Such a virtual “Lost Place” seems to be a quite mysterious launch facility in No-dong, North Korea. Before you continue, please check first the linked comment and the related satellite image(s). http://f-john.de/lostplaces/?p=58#comments

Undoubtedly Korea is a bit far away from the acquainted Schoeppingen Missile tours to be seen in this blog, but from a satellite perspective, it might be worthwhile to focus a little more on the form or shape of such structures internationally – as Klaus and I tried to bring into debate through the “cosmic key” posting below.

Officially, the Missile Assembly Building which you can see on the mentioned satellite image concerning No-dong is supposed to contain Taepodong-2 or Taepodong-1 missiles, so-called “weapons of mass destruction”. But if you look carefully at the image(s), you will discover strange things: the paved roadway ends after a U-turn to the North of the facility, with an unpaved continuation running to the South of the facility. If you follow the related links, you will discover well researched scientific information and materials about this odd construction, such as: (…) “no railway connections, nor even paved roads connecting the launch complex with the outside world” or “the complete absence of residential structures – as well as the complete absence of larger structures that might provide ‘industrial’ or other operational support”.

If not planned as a futuristic tomb for the glorious dictator Kim Il-sung – what might be the purpose of such a construction? It occurs to me the whole structure is just designed to be perceived from outer space.

Montag, Januar 8, 2007

Cosmic Key

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sat_komplett_s2.jpg The first posting of the new year opens a very new perspective to the project. In the following Klaus Schroll – a landscape architect – analyses a satellite image of the former anti-aircraft peak on the hill. (Please check also the referring entry from Oct. 11th.) When I cosmic_key_sw_right.jpgsaw the image for the first time, I was similarly surprised by the unusualness and beauty of the form, which reminded me instantly of the ancient Big Serpent Mound in Ohio. Both paths – “the serpent” and “the key” Klaus discovered – might be intriguing to follow. I wonder if the shape of the Nike Base indicates a hidden link between the mystery of military perception and behaviour – and phenomena occuring around the former Nike Site (Nike – Greek godess of victory). Why does the military design archetypal structures in secret areas, which are normally protected from public views, while trying at the same time to defend that territory with high-tech nuclear weapons?

Mail of Klaus Schroll, from Jan/03/2007 (extract):
(…) that stuck out to me as peculiar as soon as I saw the Aerial photograph of the Schoeppinger Berg. You know, a landscape architect has a particular way of looking things like this…

To make a contribution to your project, I have extracted the shape of the permanent track and studied it. The results bring to mind old cave paintings or symbols designed to communicate with extraterrestrials. http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap020831.html

I have named the symbol on top of the hill “Cosmic Key”. Furthermore, the Cosmic Key lies exactly East to West. The “East-West-Line” is well known as an ancient mystic land shape. http://www.world-mysteries.com/awr_7.htm

One last thing, there are tracks in the acres surrounding the head of the Cosmic Key that don’t seem to be there for agricultural purposes. With the high resolution image at Google-Earth, it is possible to study it very closely. It could be that there is an underground connection with Cosmic Key here…

Maybe you should look for similar structures at the “terra base” near San Francisco.

Thanks so much for the hints, Klaus. Here you go!
This is the “terra base” on Hill 88 near the Golden Gate. The image shows the former radar park, which was part of the defense system of the Nike Missile Site (SF-88).

Sonntag, Dezember 24, 2006

New Earth Year

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To all terrestrial and extraterrestrial friends and guests.
Wish you Happy Holidays and that the New Earth Year brings all you hope for!

Samstag, Dezember 2, 2006

Anniversary of Devastation

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During the night of 25th to 26th of November 2005, the area of Western Muensterland was hit by a heavy snowstorm. Within minutes power poles cracked like matches and their steel cables tore to tatters. Electricity, traffic and the whole communication system – including mobil phones – were interrupted. All of a sudden, time stood still and the whole area – covered by snow – was separated from the rest of the world for several days.


Officials say it was nothing but an extraordinary weather condition, a normal incident – but if you listen to people who witnessed the storm, they will report very weird stories:

- wind blew from continously changing directions.
- the temperature sank within minutes under zero degrees (32° F)
- snow and ice fell horizontally, some say it was like sitting under a rotating ventilator
- some could even hear strange noises – describing it like the fly past of a giant vakuum cleaner

I´m not very much surprised hearing rumours in that area it might have been a comet, a UFO or whatever kind of energy from outer space. Fact is: everything happened within a few hours, the snow spread fast on a small strip of land of just a few kilometers. It appeared to arrive from the Netherlands and stopped – like a big stranded whale – at the westside of Schoeppinger Berg.

How can a heavy storm leave such destruction – and not overcome such a small obstacle? The hill is neither very high (just 150m of altitude), nor very wide (2kms). to its left and right the landscape is flat like a pancake.

Was it a coincidence that the storm stopped and rotated in front of a former Dutch Nike Radar? I’m curious if you academics out there can answer this – or are you having the same difficulty explaining such issues.


(weiterlesen …)

Mittwoch, November 29, 2006

Space Antenna

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Some days ago I received an e-mail from a friend – Eberhard Veit – who was involved as an architect in some big project plannings, for instance the new art museum in Stuttgart. Obviously Ebi was absorbed instantly by the energy of the former “Nike Bunkers” on the Hill. In his mail he brings some interesting suggestions into discussion, for instance how the steel construction of some building might be used as a kind of cosmic antenna. This aspect is very fascinating and challenging. After de:construction – just the steel skeleton remains – such structure easily might be combined and assembled with the advanced receiver technology of Reinhold Holtstiege. (please check the according comment of this post – and the earlier report about “The Sputnik of Havixbek”)

Sonntag, November 19, 2006

The Sputnik of Havixbeck

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Last Saturday I discovered a small but stunning museum 15kms away from Schöppingen, which is run by Reinhold Holtstiege, known as ‘The Sputnik of Havixbeck’.
Reinhold Holtstiege is a radio operator, collector and inventor in one person. He modestly calls himself an amateur, but this makes him even more likeable. In fact Mr. Holtstiege was one of the first private persons in western hemisphere who received and recorded the signals of the Soviet Sputnik on Oct. 04th 1957 – and interprated the chirping sounds correctly as non-terrestrial a few hours after the Sputnik was in orbit.

The impact of his discovery you might understand that he obtained a visit soon afterwards by some officials who urged him to keep his detection secret to avoid panic.

I became interested in Reinhold Holtstiege when I discovered information on his website about the V2-Rocket, which was positioned in Muensterland at the end of WW2 at locations near Darfeld, Billerbeck, Burgsteinfurt, Schöppingen and Heek. As a teenager he witnessed many starts of the so-called Nazi Wonder Weapon, ascending vertically up to 90kms into the sky. The V2 – an invention of Wernher von Braun, who was later involved in the American Apollo program – can be understood as the direct progenitor of the “Space Race” and the whole Cold War rocket technology, as it was installed on “Schoeppingen Hill”.

It occurs to me, that the whole area seems to have a certain affinity to aerospace, space flight and science fiction.

A glimpse into the Museum: Mr. Holtstiege in dialog with physicist Dr. Grewe

Some of Mr Holtstiege’s unique inventions: the first spacecompass.

Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

Orion Terra Base

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Pretty good start.

the hill 88 photo you used now reminds me of Orion Terra Base.


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